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For those of you who would like to take advantage of multiple opportunities to connect with your loved ones in Spirit, POW membership could be for you. As a POW member you will be notified of online feeds opened up only for those with POW membership status. The smaller numbers mean you may have a greater chance of a connection in that particular session.

There may be those who would prefer a one-to-one, private reading with Peter. Please note, these sessions are limited but POW members will receive a notification when a session become available. As a POW member, you will also be in the running to win a free session.

Peter and the rest of the POW community can’t wait to meet and interact with you.

POW ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION $290 (equivalent of 2 months free) + GET INTO YOU Course

Your Subscription Includes...

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Monthly Mediumship Online

Join Peter each month as he connects with your loved ones on the other side. With two session times a month, one for Australia/Asia and the other North America/Europe, there is a chance for everyone to share in the love, laughter and healing of these sessions.

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Monthly Meditation Online

Join Peter each month as he guides you through a meditation. Enjoy the benefits of being guided and then also having the chance to receiving a personal message and interpretation from Peter about your meditation.

Peter Williams Medium Workshops

Monthly Online Workshops

Each month Peter also hosts live and interactive online workshops. From structured workshops, free flowing live Q & A's, personal dream interpretations, online meditations and opportunity to have your psychic questions answered there is something here for everyone. 

POW Archive

POW Archive

Miss a session that you really wanted to join? Been away on holidays? Just had a tech detox? Whatever the reason do not worry. As a POW member you get access to the last 12 months worth of videos and sessions in the archive.

That means you can watch and catch up on your time!

Peter Williams Medium Afterlife Seminar

Community Forum

Connect with like-minded souls about Peter’s work, spirituality, universal energy, the Spirit World, grief, healing & more all in a private and secure space.

Peter Williams Medium You Next

Exclusive Access To Private Session Giveaways

The waiting list is long for a private session with Peter, but with your membership you get the chance each month to have a private POW session and within a month.

Peter Williams Medium in Theatre

Exclusive Course Discounts

As a member you get exclusive access to discounts and giveaways to Peter's selected online courses.

Peter Williams Medium Cruises

Open Chat & Discussion

Come and join Peter once a month for a free open discussion where members can ask questions about courses, meditations or anything else that might be on their mind. Just make sure you bring the coffee!

Bonus For Annual Subscriptions...

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Get Into You - Online Course

I will pass on the the tools and knowledge I have gathered over the years in life and from Spirit to help YOU push forward. It includes:

  • Five modules with video tutorials and downloaded worksheets
  • Complete at your own pace
  • Start working towards the life you want. It starts with you!
  • Valued at $59


POW ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION $290 (equivalent of 2 months free) + GET INTO YOU Course



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Wow...I love the group Peter has made for us to share stories among ourselves. When I can I jump on to the live talks Pete does and they are amazing and very Inspirational. The people in the group are amazing people with a lot stories and the support is really awesome . Thanks Pete for being a awesome spirit to us. You are a  beautiful man.

Tracy Western

Testimonial Pic

I follow Peter on both this page and regularly join in your live feeds. I have also been to two shows which I loved! I find Pete so lovely, friendly, funny but most of all so helpful and personable. His one desire is to assist us in our grief journey, which he does with so much love and humour. Although I haven’t actually been lucky enough for my son to come through, just witnessing the connections for other people is amazing! Great guy!

Kim Rolfe

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I have been fortunate to attend one of Peter's live performances, listened and interacted in his live feeds, and had a realistic, accurate and healing one on one reading with Peter which helped me remain on the path I am on. His book was also a great read and enlightening. I was very down and lost due to major influences in my life that were beyond my control but he gave me the strength to keep going. I owe Peter so much. He inspires me to live my life to the best and in the moment. Peter is an empathetic soul with an amazing gift, who delivers insight and healing for many with a top sense a humour, blended with sympathy and humility. His group is one I'm proud to be part of. It's a group of like minded individuals who together unite with Peter to help, guide and provide insight and/or closure for others. There is no judgement. Just pure love and respect for each other. I feel so blessed having met Peter. I know he'll remain part of my life in some form for life.

Rita Fellows

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In Spiritism and Spiritualism the medium has the role of an intermediary between the world of the living and the world of spirit. Peter can listen to and relay messages from spirits. I have followed Peter's work for a long time. Attending events, facebook live feeds and group discussions. His gentle, descriptive and humorous approach to getting spirits message to us is remarkable. I am in awe of his capabilities as a medium.

Cindy Richardson

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Omg so Peter is the freaking bomb. I was so afraid of seeing a psychic medium for many years as I thought they would have scarily piercing eyes that stared straight through me and gave me chills. But heck no.. Peter is infectious, funny and real. He makes everyone feel at home and relaxed so you can open up and receive his connections. I have been attending the live shows for around 3 years now and have had multiple dinner parties with him and my friends. Every time he blows me away. Tears, laughter and heartfelt messages.

Sarah James

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I love & am very thankful for being apart of this wonderful group.
It feels safe, friendly, helpful & supportive.
We all have a similar interest, where there is no skepticism.
Peter your live show is amazing & although I have not been read, it was incredible to see the reaction of other people, how it affected them & what it meant to them. So lovely & touching....
Also your live feeds are just as amazing & thoroughly enjoyable.
Peter you are so generous with your time & make us all feel so comfortable, mixed in with humour & that teacher in you that occasionally comes out to set us back on the right track.
The message you wrote in my copy of your wonderful book was spot on.
Thank you Peter, this special group obviously means so much to everyone that is a part of it. Thank you 🙏

Mez KD